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The Be Well Bulletin

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Winter 2019

introducing ashlea

Hi, I’m Ashlea! Welcome to the first edition of The Be Well Newsletter. Each quarter, I will write a message in the newsletter, sharing a few stories of my own. And I invite you to share with me, too!

I’m a daughter of parents in their 60s. My dad is a new retiree and my mom is eagerly looking forward to her retirement in a couple of years. They often share with me their everyday life experiences. While mom focuses on keeping up with her health and is discovering how things change as she ages, dad is looking for ways to spend his free time after retirement.

I invite you to be as open and honest with your personal stories. Share your stories, ideas, pictures, hobbies and questions with me anytime. You can submit your stories to me by using the below form.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

introducing you

Share a little bit about yourself with other [2018_PLAN_FULL] members for our Spring issue. Maybe you have a favorite spring recipe, gardening tip or special trick for handling spring cleaning! Whatever it is we’d love to hear from you!

Send your testimonials and stories with a photo to the address on the right. Every issue, we’ll highlight another [2018_PLAN_FULL] member!

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