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The Be Well Bulletin is Heating Up with Summer!

Summer 2019

Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Be Well Bulletin! [2019_PLAN_FULL] is excited to celebrate summer with you.

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Be Involved

Community Events

Arkansas State Parks are home to excellent walking trails for hikers of all skill levels as well as serene areas for fishing, swimming, boating and camping.

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Arkansas Health and Wellness News

There are many things that can cause hypertension, and knowing about them is the first step to controlling your blood pressure before it gets out of hand.

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be healthy

Safe and Successful Grilling
Get cooking with these tips for a perfect BBQ.

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A Common Challenge
Simple ways to treat and manage UI.

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be yourself

Getting Involved in Your Community
Here are some ways to stay active in your community.

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be informed

Know the Importance of Health Screenings
Scheduling regular checkups and routine testing helps detect early stages of diseases. 

Know the Importance of Health Screenings

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Allwell Plan
There are a variety of resources and extra benefits that are available to you so you can to live your healthiest life possible.

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Give Your Brain a Workout
Test your knowledge with some summer blockbuster trivia questions.

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See Movies on the Big Screen with Big Savings
Nearly every movie theater chain offers a senior discount...

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